Can Ginger Really Boost Low Testosterone Levels?

Ginger is well known as a go-to remedy for alleviating symptoms like nausea, indigestion, joint and muscle pain. But did you know some promising research suggests that ginger may also have potential to act as a natural testosterone booster for men? We’ll analyze the scientific findings to determine if ginger can in fact increase T levels.

First – why does low testosterone matter? Testosterone is an essential hormone for men’s health and vitality. It plays key roles in muscular development, red blood cell production, bone mineral density, libido and fertility. So maintaining healthy testosterone levels can enhance athletics, sexual performance, confidence and general well being (1).

Now, can consuming more ginger help give your testosterone levels a lift? Several recent studies point to…yes! Here’s an overview of the current scientific evidence:

Animal Research is Promising

Multiple studies on rats and mice reveal that administration of ginger extract does significantly raise testosterone levels and confer related benefits:

– One 2012 study found both testosterone levels and sexual health factors like sperm count and motility rose significantly in diabetic rats given ginger for 65 days compared to a control group (2).

– An 8 week study in 2014 saw researchers give ginger supplements to healthy adult male rats. Compared to controls, the ginger group had higher serum testosterone levels and better sexual behaviors (3).

– Another rodent study induced testosterone deficiency conditions, then provided ginger extract. Levels were partially restored after 4 weeks and nearly fully restored after 8 weeks (4). 

So in rats and mice, ginger clearly elevates total and even “free” bioactive testosterone levels. But what about in human males?

Ginger Increases T in Men Too

While more research in men is still needed, initial studies demonstrate very promising results:

– One double blind, randomized, placebo-controlled trial had 75 adult male infertile patients take ginger supplement capsules 3x daily. After 3 months, the ginger group had significantly higher T levels vs placebo group (5).

– Another similar study in Iraq had 55-70 year old men supplement with ginger powder caps for 90 days. At the end, the ginger group saw substantial average testosterone increases compared to placebo (6).

The science is still early. However multiple studies now confirm that for rodents and human males alike, regular ginger consumption provides a safe, natural way to elevate low/declining testosterone levels. The exact mechanisms are still being researched, but ginger’s antioxidant compounds may inhibit enzymes that degrade testosterone (7).

Maximizing Ginger’s T-Boosting Effects

Follow these tips to maximize ginger’s testosterone optimizing capacity:

– Consume ginger extract standardized to 5% gingerols, the active compound

– Take 500-1500mg daily, divided into multiple doses

– Combine with zinc, vitamin D3 and weight training for greater synergistic T benefits

– Drink as ginger root tea or even ginger ale – but extracts may work best

So based on the latest research, ginger does indeed show solid potential to give your testosterone an evidence-backed lift. Though more studies are warranted, the science indicates this aromatic root can help you reclaim peak T status.