Does Zinc Boost Testosterone? Know Scientific Facts

Zinc is an essential dietary mineral involved in hundreds of bodily processes including DNA synthesis, immunity, and sexual maturation. Some theories also suggest zinc supplementation may directly raise testosterone. But what does the balance of scientific evidence actually say regarding zinc and male androgen production? In this comprehensive article, we analyze the latest research on … Read more

How To Lower Estrogen In Men

While some estrogen remains essential for men’s health, too much undesirable estrogen accumulation causes chaos sabotaging peak masculinity. Excess estrogen in males has been implicated in everything from developing gynecomastia “man boobs” to erectile dysfunction to depleted energy levels. If you’ve noticed sexual dysfunction, stubborn weight gain around the hips and chest, or simply feel … Read more

Can Selenium Supplementation Increase Testosterone in Men?

Selenium Supplementation

As men grow older, maintaining healthy testosterone levels becomes increasingly challenging. Certain minerals like zinc and vitamin D are already well established as supporting healthy testosterone production. But emerging research suggests the trace mineral selenium may also influence testosterone concentrations in men. This article reviews the current scientific literature surrounding selenium and testosterone. Selenium and … Read more

Does Garlic Increase Testosterone Levels? Understanding The Science

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Can Creatine Increase Testosterone?

Introduction Creatine is one of the most widely used sports supplements, taken to enhance strength, muscle mass, and exercise performance. But some claim creatine offers additional benefits – including boosting testosterone production in men. In this detailed article, we analyze the science on creatine and testosterone. What Does Creatine Do in the Body? First, what … Read more