5 Key Facts About Testosterone

Men need an optimal level of testosterone to feel their best and lead a healthy life. From improving energy and drive levels to mood issues and muscle mass gains, it all adds up. Testosterone plays an integral part in our physical and mental wellbeing.

While various exercise and food choices can help naturally increase testosterone levels, understanding its fundamental principles is necessary in order to start managing your health now.

Know that men need more testosterone than women do. If you know that males require high levels of testosterone for proper functioning but are unfamiliar with the specific details surrounding this hormone’s composition and release, here is some additional information that should help educate.

As a way of providing assistance, we’ve included a series of vital facts all men should be aware of to increase the amount of testosterone they produce.

These articles explore what testosterone can do for our body, why maintaining balanced levels is so crucial, and the best strategies for reaping its many health advantages.

1. There are multiple forms of testosterone.
You might think testosterone is just one hormone in your body responsible for various functions; however, there are actually various types of testosterone available that each regulate specific aspects.

Diving deep into the different forms of testosterone is undoubtedly complex and scientific; knowing these details won’t necessarily assist us or you.

Keep track of both free and bound testosterone in your body—the two major forms.

First and foremost, it is important to recognise that most of your testosterone is bound up with proteins and their amino acids, thus keeping your muscles from producing too much testosterone all at once and helping control active levels within your body. Bound testosterone also controls metabolism as well as biological functions such as cardiovascular health.

Unbound testosterone does not bind with any proteins in your body, meaning muscle tissue can more readily absorb it.

Free testosterone may be to thank for some of your male traits, like facial hair and an audible voice. Furthermore, this form of testosterone also plays a vital role in muscle growth, contraction, and protecting the heart from heart issues.

If you want to check your testosterone levels, use services that provide more specific information about them. Most tests will provide a rough estimate of both bound and free testosterone levels in your system.

Studies of testosterone levels are increasingly recognised as being more effective at revealing any issues or deficiencies than traditional testing methods.

2. Testosterone can affect your brain and body.
Testosterone has both positive and negative effects on the mind and body, depending on its levels of hormones.

Stress relief is another advantage provided by testosterone, with research suggesting it can reduce stress levels while helping guide the mind toward more peaceful states. An increase in testosterone may allow you to feel more relaxed and assured.

Your body’s testosterone levels can help increase bone mass and muscle, energy levels, and skin health. They also play an integral part in controlling sex drive as well as producing sperm; in essence, they act like an essential hormone to help males look and feel their most attractive!

An exhaustive list of all aspects in which testosterone can be found includes:

Muscle Mass
One of the more obvious results of testosterone is increased muscle growth and development, as well as larger muscles with reduced fat mass compared to men who have lower testosterone levels.

Testosterone can also help increase strength and power, making sports easier.

Testosterone plays an influential role in fat distribution throughout the body. Men with higher testosterone levels typically have a lower body weight and greater muscle mass than those with lower levels.

Testosterone affects how the body uses fat, with those who possess higher levels able to shed it faster than those with lower ones. Conversely, those lacking testosterone could gain weight more rapidly.

Testosterone also plays an integral role in red blood cell production.

Blood cells (more commonly known as red blood cells) play an integral part in transporting oxygen through your body, and those with higher testosterone levels tend to have more red blood cells than people with lower levels. This increases both athletic performance and overall health benefits.

Bone Density
Testosterone plays an essential role in bone health; those with higher testosterone levels tend to have stronger bones than those with lower levels, thus decreasing fracture risks and related bone injuries.

Testosterone is the hormone responsible for sexual drive or libido, with higher testosterone levels leading to greater levels of sexual drive in men than lower ones, particularly for those in relationships.

Testosterone levels also play a vital role in sexual function; men who possess higher amounts tend to possess better erectile functions than those with lower amounts. A deficiency can even lead to infertility.

Testosterone levels can have a major impact on both mood and cognitive function. People with higher testosterone levels typically report feeling more energetic and content compared to those with lower levels.

Furthermore, your memory will improve, and you will be protected against degenerative diseases more effectively.

3. Your testosterone is at its highest in the morning.
Testosterone production occurs mainly during sleep; its peak levels occur during a deep, restful night’s rest.

Testosterone levels tend to reach their highest level during the morning hours, when men typically feel most energetic and perform at their best. Studies have proven this effect.

Start your day right by engaging in activities designed to increase energy, such as stretching or yoga. Doing something energising like this will be invaluable when facing challenges in daily tasks such as shopping. It’s therefore advisable to start the day with something that boosts your spirits!

Everyone needs an energy boost in the form of physical and mental strength before beginning each day; having sufficient testosterone levels could give you that edge needed to start off strong.

To maximise morning testosterone levels that are naturally higher, try planning workouts or other more demanding daily tasks for early in the morning so as to boost performance. Doing this may result in an increase in performance.

Exercise early in the day has long been suggested as an effective means of losing weight and building mass efficiently, and the endorphins produced through physical activity help ensure you have an energetic day ahead of you.

4. Certain foods can increase testosterone.
Testosterone is produced naturally within your body; however, that doesn’t mean that certain food items won’t help boost its production and increase testosterone levels.

If you’re trying to increase the levels of testosterone in your body, there are a variety of foods you can consume in order to experience its many advantages.

Dietary supplements to include are:


Eggs nourished by fat, protein, and other vital nutrients are an ideal way to increase testosterone levels and stimulate male sexuality.

Eggs are not only an abundant source of protein but are also an excellent way to gain the essential cholesterol needed to produce testosterone.


Shellfish (such as crabs and oysters) contain zinc, which plays an integral part in producing testosterone.


Zinc is essential to reproductive health, so it comes as no surprise that shellfish is often touted as an aphrodisiac.


Beans are a great source of both protein and fibre, which are essential components in maintaining testosterone levels.

Fibre plays an essential role in controlling hormones that regulate testosterone production. Protein is the main constituent of testosterone and provides it with something to bind to.

Nuts and seeds
Seeds, nuts, and nuts provide essential sources of zinc, selenium, and magnesium needed to produce testosterone, making a few nuts each day an invaluable way to benefit health.

5. Your testosterone levels will drop as you age.
Most men experience their peak testosterone levels between their 20s and early 40s. Now is an opportune time to focus on fitness and health in order to reap maximum benefits and prepare yourself for leading an active, healthy life in the future.

As time progresses and you age, testosterone levels will gradually diminish, leading to negative side effects associated with lower levels.

Men in their 40s and older may begin to notice an increase in metabolism that makes weight loss more challenging; growing muscles may suffer; and mental symptoms like low moods, depression, mood swings, and reduced sexual drive may surface.

As your oestrogen levels surpass those of testosterone, weight loss could occur, and hair thinning could progress into balding, which in turn could result in manboobs due to excessive breast tissue development.

As we age, there are various methods available to us that can help boost testosterone levels and maintain the masculine traits that define us as men.

Lifestyle changes such as exercising regularly and eating healthily may help increase testosterone levels; however, to achieve maximum effects, it may be worthwhile considering taking testosterone supplements.

At Testogen, uk we provide some of the highest-potency testosterone supplements without side effects that are 100% safe and natural.

Integrating them into your diet could help increase both free and total levels of testosterone while increasing energy and performance levels.

Know Your Testosterone
Testosterone is an integral component of fitness and health for males. Therefore, understanding its effects makes sense in terms of both fitness and overall wellbeing.

These facts barely scratch the surface of testosterone’s impact on both physique and athletic performance, which men should know in order to improve both their health and fitness. Here are just a few essential points they need to remember in order to succeed at improving both.

Always factor your testosterone levels into any health evaluation and pay close attention to signs of low testosterone, especially as you age, as this could contribute to many ailments and issues.

If you need assistance increasing your testosterone levels, taking a supplement like Testogen could help maintain them and assist with increasing them.