Does Maca Root Increase Testosterone? Know Science

Maca root is an Andean tuber purported to improve libido and fertility, especially in men. However, theories also exist that maca may directly elevate testosterone. In this evidence-based analysis, we examine the latest clinical trials regarding maca supplements and testosterone modulation in men.

Maca Root Active Compounds

Maca root contains assorted bioactive compounds and fatty acids that modulate hormone pathways in the body. Research identifies effects on stabilization of hormone receptors, stimulation of pituitary glands, inhibited enzyme actions involved in sex hormone breakdown and increased direct production. Through these mechanisms, maca shows reliable aphrodisiac effects in animals. However, proof remains controversial whether maca also amplifies testosterone in human males rather than just enhancing libido via other means.

Theorized Mechanisms:

– Contains fatty acids and hormones that enter feedback loops

– Stabilizes receptors, stimulates glands, inhibits enzymes

– Reliably increases animal sexual behaviors

– Uncertain if raises human testosterone 

Evidence Supporting Testosterone Theories

Starting positive, a few human studies do report testosterone elevating effects from maca supplementation in men:

A 2001 trial tested different maca varieties on male subjects aged 21-56 over 12 weeks. Encouragingly, researchers observed increased sexual desire scores plus elevated seminal volume and sperm motility. The red maca group also showed a mild 16% testosterone increase. A similar 2002 study also suggested benefits.

These early signals led researchers to theorize particular coloured maca varieties may support testosterone production alongside libido per se. So what does additional evidence say?

Early Positive Indicators:

– 2001 trial found 16% testosterone increase for red maca  

– 2002 study supported testosterone-boosting potential

– Indicated coloured maca types may show effects 

Highest Quality Study Found No Boost

Unfortunately, the largest and most rigorous trial found zero testosterone-enhancing effects from any maca type or dose in men. The landmark 12 week, placebo controlled study tested three separate standardised maca products vs inert placebo in healthy adult males under 35. Encouragingly, libido scores significantly improved in two maca groups – aligning with aphrodisiac traditional uses. However, researchers conclusively found no increases for circulating total or free testosterone, estrogen levels, luteinizing hormone, follicle stimulating hormone or any androgen biomarker. So evidence now confidently disproves theories that maca directly elevates male sex hormones. Any benefits relate to subjective perception of virility.

Highest Quality Study Details:  

– Double blind, placebo controlled 

– 3 separate maca supplements testes

– No increase in total or free testosterone  

– No alteration in any hormone biomarker

– Confirms no direct testosterone modulation

Takeaways For Sexual Function

While current data doesn’t indicate maca acts as a natural testosterone booster, two high quality studies confirm positive effects on sexual function scores in men not attributable to hormones. So for psychological and physiological sexual support, maca supplements may still assist male health. Always see a doctor for persistent erectile dysfunction or low libido issues rather than self-diagnosing hormones as the cause or relying solely on herbal approaches though. Try with TestoPrime uk testosterone booster here.


In summary, despite early research hopes that maca may modulate androgen levels alongside libido, current balance of evidence finds no testosterone boosting properties. While maca shows consistent benefits for subjective sexual function, measurable hormone changes don’t occur in quality studies. For low testosterone, seek medical diagnosis and evidence-based treatments instead of unproven herbal supplementation alone.