Does Shilajit Increase Testosterone Levels? Examining The Evidence

For centuries, the unusual tar-like Shilajit substance has been used in Ayurvedic medicine to enhance male vitality and remedy sexual problems. Found oozing from mountain rocks, potent Shilajit contains over 85 different minerals and fulvic acid that give it antioxidant and nutrient-enhancing effects. But can this strange natural elixir really increase testosterone as some claim? Let’s analyze the existing science.

Background on Shilajit

Shilajit is a thick, waxy-like nautical black biomass that seeps from layers of mountain rock in India and areas of the Himalayas. It develops as certain species of plants and microorganisms become trapped and decompose between layers of rock over eons. Shilajit samples vary by exact source and quality. Only purified, authentic samples ensure potency.

Traditionally used as a rejuvenator to treat male infertility and libido problems, Shilajit enhances the action of other herbs and nutraceuticals. Scientists now know it acts as a powerful antioxidant and also prolongs activity of several key neurotransmitters involved in desire and pleasure. But what does the limited research reveal about Shilajit and testosterone?

Current Research Evidence on Shilajit and Testosterone

Very little research exists analyzing Shilajit’s effects on testosterone levels specifically. Two recent studies provide early insights:

A 2016 clinical pilot study had obese men take 200mg Shilajit twice daily for 90 days. The Shilajit group increased total testosterone levels significantly compared to placebo, with an average rise of 23.5% from baseline. Lean muscle mass also improved while fat mass declined. However, the small size necessitates replication.

Earlier lab research studied how sperm parameters respond to Shilajit treatment. Findings showed incubation with 0.5% Shilajit solution magnified testicular tissue testosterone levels 3-fold above baselines through a proposed enzyme pathway. Though not human evidence, this lends preliminary support.

Clearly, expanded clinical studies are vital for truly gauging Shilajit’s testosterone augmenting potential in men. But plausibility exists.

How Shilajit May Theoretically Boost Testosterone

Though investigations are still early, researchers identify several ways Shilajit supplementation may credibly improve testosterone status:

  • Improves fertility pathways involved in testosterone synthesis
  • Lessens oxidative damage to testes tissues and sperm
  • Boosts dopamine which signals greater LH output
  • Improves free and total testosterone availability
  • Enhances androgen receptor gene expression

Via these mechanisms, Shilajit delivers compounds that may optimize processes regulating healthy testosterone levels in aging men.

Recommendations for Using Shilajit

Though strengthening research is still sparse, suggested usage of Shilajit for potentially supporting testosterone includes:

  •  200-400mg twice daily dosing
  •  Supplement for at least 90 days continuously
  •  Use purified hexane-free preparations
  •  Take alongside foods that increase bioavailability
  •  Combine with training, zinc, and vitamin D3

Clearly more clinical evidence is needed to confirm meaningful effects, optimal protocols, and safety. But Shilajit holds promise as an emerging adjuvous male vitality agent. But of course, if you need a little extra support, Testogen UK is here to help you get there.


Solid proof remains limited. But early indications suggest purified Shilajit at reasonable dosages may offer legitimate testosterone-elevating properties for men. Though small in scale, initial human pilot studies and proposed mechanisms plausibly support Shilajit as an enhancing complement alongside foundational lifestyle therapies for declining testosterone. While awaiting further quality clinical research, this primordial biomass already shows formidable potential.